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H2H College Salary Cap


College Salary Cap

Saturdays just got more exciting. Manage your team all the way to the National Championship.

  • Pick players from the top 25 teams, all 6 power conferences, and more
  • Integrated up-to-the minute player and injury news
  • Craft the perfect lineup each week no matter where you are
  • Watch your team dominate your opponent each week in real time
H2H Baseball Salary Cap


H2H Salary Cap

Knock it out of the park and win your Fantasy Baseball league.

  • Get the latest player news, statistics and matchups in the palm of your hand
  • Quickly set your lineup with just a few taps
  • Watch your team destroy your opponents with lightning-fast live stats
  • Smack talk your buddies and let them know who's boss
H2H Golf Salary Cap


H2H Salary Cap

Hit a hole-in-one with our Fantasy Golf app.

  • Field your starting 6 golfers with the top PGA TOUR golfers in the game each week
  • Don't miss another trade deadline… Quickly set your lineup each week in seconds
  • Access season stats, standings and more
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest news on all PGA TOUR golfers
H2H Racing Salary Cap


H2H Salary Cap

Take the driver's seat with our Head2Head Fantasy Racing app.

  • Don't get stuck in pit row; Quickly set your lineup before each race
  • Watch your drivers rack up big points on the track as you leave your competition in the dust
  • Pick wisely and YOU could be the one in the winner's circle
H2H Hockey Salary Cap


H2H Salary Cap

Score a hat-trick with our Fantasy Hockey app.

  • Big time scoring – you score every time your players light the lamp
  • Beat the buzzer on the go and never miss a trade deadline
  • Face off with exciting 1-on-1 H2H matchups each week
  • Play from the first puck drop to the end of the Stanley Cup Finals
H2H Basketball Salary Cap


H2H Salary Cap

Don't get stuck with your star player riding the bench again.

  • Know when your players get injured or rested
  • Quickly identify which NBA teams have strong matchups this week
  • Bring your team with you and never miss a trade deadline again
  • Follow your head-to-head matchups with the latest scores and stats