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Face Off Pick'em

How to Play

Face-Off Pick'em is here and that means its your chance to live the excitement of professional hockey all season, without the worry of managing individual players. Face-Off Pick'em is $12.95 and runs during the regular NHL season. All prizes are based on your team's performance during the six designated periods which run from October 13th through April 5th, 2017.

The BlackHawks, Penguins, Capitals or Stars?

Who do you think will score the most goals while also racking up wins? You're the GM, so you make the call! Build your dynasty, by picking one (1) team from each of the six (6) five-team groups.

Score Top Shelf!

Each period your team earns fantasy points based on their actual goal scoring performance and win/loss record. There are prizes for the highest score in each of the six designated periods during the game. The overall prizes are based on the highest score through the game season. You gain points with team wins (+2) and goals (+1 for each goal). You lose a point (-1) when your team has a loss.

Period Picks

During each of six periods, Head2Head Sports will deliver an updated team groupings list. Team selections for each period becomes available during the team selection window below.

Trading Schedule
Period Team Selection Window/Deadline Scoring Period
1 Until Thursday, October 13th (7PM ET) Oct 13 - Nov 9
2 November 3rd (8PM ET) to November 10th (7PM ET) Nov 10 - Dec 7
3 December 1st (8PM ET) to December 8th (7PM ET) Dec 8 - Jan 4
4 December 29th (8PM ET) to January 5th (6PM ET) Jan 5 - Feb 1
5 January 26th (8PM ET) to February 2nd (6PM ET) Feb 2 - Mar 1
6 February 23rd (8pm ET) to March 2nd (6PM ET) Mar 2 - Apr 5
Period Deadline.

Remember, your teams DO NOT carry over from period to period so your lineup must be submitted by the period deadlines above.


Results and standings are posted daily after the end of the last game.


All entrants will receive 130 H2H Fantasy Buck$ for signing up (when paying $12.95).